Lend-A-Truck Program

City of Yates Center residents are being made aware of the "Lend-A-Truck" Program. This program allows city residents an opportunity to reserve a city dump truck on weekends for loading of debris, brush, or trash at no cost to the resident. City personnel will deliver, park, and lock the truck at the residence on Friday afternoon and pick-up the loaded truck the following Monday morning. Some of the rules that will apply are as follows:

  1. Reservations must be made at City Hall during regular business hours.
  2. An agreement between the city and resident must be signed.
  3. Not more than one truck may be reserved for any given weekend.
  4. Reservations will not be accepted more than one month in advance. 
  5. Use of the program is limited to each residential household no more than three times per calendar year.
  6. If weather cancels the resident's clean-up project, the resident will have to reschedule their reservation.
  7. No hazardous or toxic materials can be loaded in the truck. A list of prohibited items are available to the resident upon request at City Hall.
  8. The city will reserve the right to cancel the Lend-A-Truck agreement without notice at the city's discretion. The program may also be suspended if the truck is needed for other city projects.

For further details, contact City Hall at 620-625-2118.

Lend-A-Truck Form

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